Americans love our pets. Over 47 million households in the U.S. own a cat and even more, over 60 million, own a dog.

Do you find it challenging to keep up with the task of feeding your pet regularly? Automatic pet feeders are all the rage nowadays. Read on to learn about 10 awesome benefits.

What Are Automatic Pet Feeders?

An automatic pet feeder is a technological solution to a practical problem faced by pet owners everywhere. If you own a pet you may love them dearly but feeding can be a chore.

Pets love their routine and when it’s feeding time they want to be fed. They’ll pester you until you feed them and they don’t care that you’re busy or have other demands too.

Even worse, if you are not around to feed them, they will often find ways of venting their frustration. This can be a trigger for bad behavior. You feel bad about not meeting your pet’s needs and they don’t feel great either.

An automatic pet feeder stores your pet’s food safely and releases a pre-set portion of food at a pre-set time. There are also some models that have features such as voice recording. This feature allows you to record a message to your pet so they can feel reassurance even if you are not present.

1. The Right Amount of Food

An automatic feeder dispenses the right amount of food to your pet when you’re not available to measure it out. You may be conscientious about measuring food but you can’t be sure that other people will be. If you have to trust others to feed your pet when you’re not there they may not take as much care as you do.

Without an automatic pet feeder, pet owners who cannot be available at feeding time sometimes put extra food out for their pets. Most pets simply treat this as a bonus. They eat all the food and then go hungry later.

2. Your Schedule, Not Your Pet’s

Have you ever had to cut short a meeting or rushed home in traffic simply because your pet needs feeding? You know they don’t understand that you have other things to do. Not only does your pet feel hungry but you and they can get stressed by trying to maintain their schedule.

If you have a busy life you can’t always operate on your pet’s schedule. Balancing childcare, your job and your busy social life can be hectic even without the added responsibility of caring for your pet. Set the pet feeders timer and let the machine take the strain.

3. Clean and Tidy

Leaving extra pet food if you are not able to be present at feeding times isn’t healthy for your pet but it’s also asking for trouble. If there is more food available than your pet wants to eat at one sitting they may be tempted to play with it. The mess they make has to be cleaned up and is unhygienic too.

A measured quantity of food, dispensed at the right time is more likely to be eaten in one sitting. This means the feeding area stays clean and tidy. That means it’s easy to clean later too.

4. Fresh Food

Dispensing a pre-set portion of food from a secure hopper means that your pet always has fresh food. It is less likely to be contaminated while sitting in an open food bowl. This means it’s healthier for your pets.

If your pet plays with food and it is spread around your home, it can encourage vermin, pests, and infections. The health implications for you and your family are obvious. Using an automatic pet feeder is better for your family’s health too.

Leaving extra food means the last bits will be stale and unappetizing by the time your pet feels hungry. They may refuse to eat it which means it’s wasted and your pet goes hungry.

5. Time Management

Taking time to measure a portion of food each meal time and feed your pets takes time. This task has to be repeated as often as you feed your pets. Imagine how much time this takes during the course of your pet’s life.

Using an automatic pet feeder takes very little time. Once you have set it up and filled the hopper you can leave it to do the work.

Spend your saved time on playing with your pet. Get some exercise or relax with your pet. Research shows that just 15 minutes a day spent stroking a pet can reduce your blood pressure.

6. Guilt Free

Having a pet is a responsibility that you take seriously. As a responsible pet owner, you may take this caring role so seriously that you feel guilty if you fail to provide the care you think you should. Finding ways of caring properly for your pets reduces the guilt you feel.

When you know that your pets are well fed and happy you can be happy too. An automatic pet feeder means guilt-free pet ownership.

7. Sleep Easy

When your pet feels hungry they know the person who feeds them is you. They don’t care that it’s early in the morning or that you need to catch up on sleep. An early morning wakeup call delivered by a hungry pet is impossible to resist.

Having an automatic pet feeder conditions your pet to expect food from the dispenser. They learn that no amount of begging or complaining will make any difference. Set the automatic feeder to dispense food early in the morning if that is when your pet likes to eat and you can sleep on.

8. Healthy Eating

Dispensing a healthy portion of food for your pet can help with weight control. Over 50% of cats and dogs are overweight. This can lead to health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes.

A strictly controlled portion with smaller quantities more frequently can help control obesity in pets. This helps with digestion, hunger control, and reduces weight gain.

9. Routine

Pets love routine. Knowing that feeding time, exercise and lights out happen at regular times reduces their stress. This helps maintain health and good behavior.

Having control of the feeding routine by using an auto pet feeder helps achieve this routine.

10. Save Money

Pet food is a significant item in most pet owners’ budgets. You can help reduce costs by buying in bulk and shopping around for good deals. It also helps if you can reduce food waste and control portion sizes with an automatic feeder.

Caring for Your Pet

Your pet gives you so much. Companionship, fun, and affection. Automatic pet feeders are one way you can give them something back.

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