Just like hot dogs, bologna has long been considered a staple addition to any sandwich. There is however, a big question mark about whether you should share it with your dog or not.

So, should you give in to your dog’s excitement and give him a slice of bologna?

Can Your Dog Eat Bologna?

Despite all the excitement of your dog as far as sliced bologna is concerned, it is not really a good idea. Yes, your dog can eat bologna but only in moderation and as an occasional treat.

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The truth is that bologna is not really great for dogs to consume on a regular basis. Even though it is convenient, there are many reasons why you should avoid feeding your dog with bologna frequently.

The thing with bologna is that it contains a lot of added chemicals such as nitrates.

This is why bologna is not recommended for dogs.

While canines are meat lovers and they don’t have any issue wolfing down any bologna you give them, it is best that you go easy.

Don’t forget that bologna is a form of processed meat that contains not only high amounts of sodium but also unhealthy nitrates.

The rule here is that you only give this to your pet in moderation or better yet, don’t give it to your dog at all.

The Lowdown on Nasty Nitrates

People are now starting to learn more about nitrates and what makes them bad not only for human consumption but also for our canine friends. In fact, it tends to have a greater negative effect on dogs.

This is mostly because of the fat that the digestive system of dogs is smaller than that of humans. Nitrates that are usually found in bologna can have more serious negative effect on the stomach, kidneys, and liver of your pooch.

It is still unclear how nitrates are processed in animals but it is safe to say that anything bad for humans is much worse for dogs.

What are Better Alternatives to Bologna?

Although meat and its protein content is important for your dog,  it is best that you give him lesser amounts of processed meat.

Instead of giving your dog a slice of bologna, it is a wiser option to go for healthier treats especially made for canines. Many dog treats today are made healthier because of the ever increasing competition in the market.

Choose treats that are meaty, free from grains, and contains healthy minerals and vitamins.

There are also products that have been designed to help keep the breath of your dog fresh and some are also made with all-natural or organic ingredients.

Make sure that snack time will be a healthy experience for your dog instead of one ridden in guilt.

So, can dogs eat bologna? Yes, they can eat bologna but since this is a heavily processed meat, it is not recommended to give to your dog on a regular basis. It works great as a treat but only if given occasionally and in small amounts.