As a dog owner, it can be a daunting task to remember what your pet can and cannot eat. When Fido stares up at you in expectation, it can be tricky to use your better judgment.

So, can dogs eat potatoes? The simple answer to this question is yes. Potatoes are harmless to your dog, so long as they’re cooked. This is because raw potatoes contain solanine, which can be toxic to dogs.

Recommended storage for potatoes is in a dark, dry area, which is typically in a cupboard or pantry. So, as long as your dog doesn’t learn how to open doors, they should have no access to the raw potatoes within.

How to prepare potatoes for your pupper

Boiling potatoes, with no added ingredients, is one of the safest ways you can give potatoes to your dogs. You might be tempted to add salt to the boiling water.

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However, high levels of sodium are well known to cause dog health issues in later life. High-sodium levels, or hypernatremia, can increase thirst and dehydration, and may also lead to seizures. Better to be safe than sorry, leave the salt out of the boiling water.

So what about adding herbs or similar flavorings to your boiled potato? It may be a wasted effort, as dogs have 1/6 of the number of taste buds we do, meaning they might not even be tasting your extra additions!

Can dogs eat baked potatoes?

Dogs can also eat baked potatoes! Again, so long as they’re completely plain. Baked, or roasted, potatoes are typically served crammed full of flavors.

Salt, herbs, butter, some cheese for the adventurous. Unfortunately, such potatoes can do your dog more harm than good, with high-sodium and high-fat content.

Can dogs eat potato chips?

Fries and chips are also off the menu unless they are baked plain. However, as both fries and chips are deep-fried, or baked with an excessive amount of oil, they can cause their own problems in dogs.

Butter and oils have to potential to cause pancreatitis in dogs. This is partly due to dogs having a vastly different digestion system to us, and oils and cooking byproducts are not part of a standard doggie meal.

Final thoughts

Although there is minimal risk to giving your dog boiled or baked potato, you should give them as treats in moderation, rather than a sole food source.

High levels of carbohydrates can lead to obesity, which can cause other health problems besides. When in doubt, stick to the highly reputable commercial dog food brands for your dog’s nutritional intake.